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We are here because you need us

Barista Finder helps coffee shops find freelance baristas to fill the gap(s) in their roster, cover shifts when their permanent staff is on leave.

So let us find a Barista for you so you can can enjoy shopping or  spending precious time with family. 

Are you here looking to make an extra million?

Are you an experienced barista looking for some extra cash for that new mixer or guitar? Do you know the difference between a latte and a flat white? Do you know how to adjust the grinder and pour some contemporary latte art? If you answered yes to all these questions then hit this pretty button to sign in and bring that guitar one step closer.

Are you a coffee shop looking for a barista?

Of course you have experienced a shortage of staff and let’s be honest, a coffee shop without a barista can’t really work. Rather than close the shop due to staff shortage, just open an app and book some of our amazing experienced baristas. What is another plus to using our app? There is no admin and no payroll. All you have to do is pay the invoice. We always have your back.

Why do you need us?

You need us because we are awesome and have super cool baristas available and ready to work. Our baristas know everything that is important to deliver the perfect coffee to your customers.

Our app is in final stage of development

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