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How To Keep Your Baristas Motivated and Stay Engaged?

Does a talented group of baristas recruit your coffee business?

Absolutely Yes. Plus, the long-term retention of good employees can be a challenge too. But, on the other hand, motivated employees are the ones who are satisfied with their work so that they can provide better customer service and contribute more to the team to achieve overall success. Now let’s take a look at how you can keep your baristas motivated and stay engaged!


Motivation Styles Depend on Different Baristas’ Behaviors 


Working as a team, different kinds of people come from various backgrounds, environments, and beliefs. Therefore, what has driven you doesn’t mean that it will also be effective for other people. 


More importantly, it is not a one-fit-all style to motivate your team overall, as everyone has their unique attributes and quality as a person. Therefore, as a leader in your barista team, you should ensure that you actively participate in their meetings, either in the forms of group meetings or one-on-one meetings. 


In addition, you should try to listen to the issues rationally and emotionally to feel them and the root causes. 


Financial Motivator


Some team members are extrinsically pleased by a respected financial status and some tangible values such as upsurging in their salary, performance bonus, and share-scheme benefits. However, we recognize that baristas in many expensive cities still receive low-paid wages, so your small raise will be their financial motivator. 


For example, you can consider offering 10% more than the previous period depending on your coffee shop’s income performance. This action encourages them to work harder for the sake of the whole team’s benefits. However, suppose your employees earn sufficient money and are still not happy in their job. In that case, they might not feel engaged and motivated, although the promise in offering additional cash has been applied. 


Therefore, please try to listen to their complaints and suggestions, then you can be more careful of considering if raising the working rate can be a good solution.


Non-Financial Motivator


In contrast, some employees are driven by intrinsic rewards, including intangible and psychological rewards driven by value and beliefs. As a result, these kinds of baristas can achieve greater performance in their work. 


For instance, they will feel joyful and proud of the typical job, personal achievement and self-actualization, accelerating a new skill and feeling belonging to the team. This attitude is super-duper crucial to realize about the different motivational methods on various people’s behavior. 


As a result, you should be open to talking, closer approach the team, and observing the team’s attitudes and reactions to the given tasks. And Yes! Keep your eyes and ears open and more functional!


Mutual Respect


Valuing mutual respect between baristas and the whole team is the key to promote a positive working environment and communication among the community. If there are conflicts and tensions between the coworkers, it is super difficult to let them stay longer in the team. 


Promoting Work-Life Balance


It would be best to recognize that your baristas also have personal projects besides committing to work with you. Being flexible and well-communicated with your team is essential to promote work-life balance. 


Sometimes allowing a certain day off to give them time to solve their personal issue can save up their day so much! The more you reduce the tensions in their personal life, the higher commitment and value they can provide to the team.


Developing Long-Term Career Growth Plans For Your Baristas


In the long run, the lack of career development will demotivate your barista, and the labor turnover rate will be increased. Baristas cannot foresee or visualize their future growth or the next ladder they will step on. Most baristas want to have more stable and recognized career goals. 


As a coffee owner or barista manager, you can rotate their role to different areas and have the proper training to be more competent and skillful. Hence, they can feel more energetic and motivated to grow with the organization.


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