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How and How Long Do You Need to Train Your Barista?

It requires the right training for the barista to become the best at what they are doing daily. But, how long does it take? It might not be short, nor too long because it depends on how the barista is committed to the training or how effective the course is. 


How To Train Your Barista?


Basic Things in the Coffee Shop


Knowing things around the shop is one of the most important things that a barista should have. You should train your barista to know where and how coffee and milk are stored correctly without getting contaminated. Aside from that, they also need to know how the shop’s progress is running.   


Technical Coffee Skill


Of course, there are many coffee skills that your barista needs to understand. But, technically, grinding, steaming, and controlling the coffee and milk are the foundation skills that all baristas must learn. 


Other than that, your barista will need to understand if the expresso is properly extracted or not. It is important that an over or under-extracted expresso can affect the coffee taste. 


Customer and Team Communication


Besides technical skills, your barista needs to learn how to communicate with the team and the customers. With the team, they should know to talk to each other when needed. For example, when there is an order, they must know how to deliver it to the buyer attentively. 


Furthermore, the barista should learn the protocol to greet the customers; therefore, it will maintain good relations between your loyal customers. 


Improvement in Coffee Arts


A competent barista will need to have strong coffee artistic skills. For example, it might consume much time to train a barista to demonstrate creative coffee foaming. However, with that good coffee demonstration, your shop will attract more customers.  


Motivation for the Barista


Motivation is always the key to success. Promotion or a better salary offer can also be the motivation that you can do while you train your barista. If people are committed to the training and work, they should deserve the type of motivation. 


On the other hand, appreciated gestures or words can somehow encourage your barista’s affection to coffee even more. That can be the most powerful motive you can do for your barista. 


How Long Does it Take To Train Your Barista?


Within the first few weeks, the barista can learn the basic coffee skills on how the shop processes, how the products are stored, whom they need to talk to when needed, and how to talk to customers properly. Then, in the following weeks or even up to 3 months, the barista can improve their coffee knowledge and skills. 


To make your barista proficient in coffee making, it might take from six months to a year. The barista can make delicate expresso to please the consumer. After a few years within the industry, you will have a very professional barista in your coffee shop.


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