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Top Alternative Kinds of Milk for Coffee

If you are one of milk coffee lovers, you should have been familiar with some special types of milk that you can bring to the table to mix it with your coffee that you cannot live without. Absolutely, there are a thousand ways that you can formulate your own coffee preferences. As such, here are the top 4 alternative kinds of milk that will blend well with your coffee.


  1. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk contains high fat with low calories with its creamy texture. Mixing the coconut milk with coffee will make you feel full for many hours; therefore, you can skip a meal by consuming just a cup. But, you may wonder how does the milk taste? If you sip the coffee with coconut milk, you will get the flavor that is almost the same as any other latter; only it has a bit of coconut sensation inside your mouth. 


You can mix 1/3 of coconut milk into a cup of espresso, just like you do with the latte. However, you can use coconut cartons or cans to make a better taste of coconut latte. All you need is to add a bit of canned coconut milk on top of your latte, producing a perfect cup of joe.


  1. Cashew Milk

Unlike creamy coconut milk, cashew milk tastes less sweet, nutty, and creamy. Moreover, with less sugar, high fiber, and healthy fat content in the milk, cashew milk with coffee will give you many health benefits if you drink it daily.


You can put 1/3 of cashew milk in the coffee if you want a bit of a stronger coffee flavor. Since the cashew milk tastes a little bolder, you can pour 2/3 of it to make the coffee a bit more cashew taste.


  1. Almond Milk

The most well-known nut milk that everyone knows is almond milk. Of course, we can mix almond milk with coffee to make a nutty and bitter sensation from the coffee. As for health reasons, almond milk contains protein, healthy fat, calcium, magnesium, and many minerals.


Different brands make almond milk quality different. For example, there are almond milk with sweetened and unsweetened contents. Therefore, you can measure the level of the almond milk to put in the coffee depending on the brand you purchased. 


  1. Condensed Milk

Finally, you can also make a coffee with condensed milk. Although it is very high in sugar, a hot espresso with condensed milk will be at another level of fondness. When you sip a coffee with condensed milk, you will find a strong bitterness and sweetness simultaneously. 


A teaspoon or two will be enough for mixing condensed milk with a cup of coffee. If you love to get a sweeter taste, you can add 2 or 3 teaspoons of condensed milk.  


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