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What is BaristaFinder?

Barista Finder is a network and app for people and businesses in the hospitality sector. Individuals utilize it to pick up shift work and create new relationships, which frequently leads to long-term employment possibilities and on-the-job skill development. Barista Finder is used by businesses to guarantee that their rosters are consistently supplied and to extend their staffing network.

What are the prices?

Barista Finder charges 10% as a service fee. Baristas are paying 7% from transactions but for every 15 successfully finished shifts with a good rating this percentage is going down till is zero. Barista Finder is offering membership for baristas for 50 AUD a month. This membership includes 5 days a month to come to our training centre and train their skills, they can attend training with professionals from the coffee industry special events in our centre. 

How to start as a barista?

Our app is available on the app store and googles play. Simply download the app, sign in and book the day when you want to come to our training centre to show your skills. We will help you to create a profile so you have a bigger chance to get shifts.

4. How do I get my money?

After you finish your shift, the cafe owner will give you a rating and finish your shift in our system. You can expect your money in 1-2 business days in your bank account.

5. How is the Individual - Business relationship classified?

BaristaFinder app acts as a market for hospitality Businesses to locate Individuals who're in search of carrying out shifts to earn greater money. It is likewise utilized by a few Businesses to technique the payroll in their very own personnel or locate new everlasting crew members. All customers have the liberty to pick how they interact with every different withinside the structure (worker or impartial contractor) that fits the situations of the work. If you’re unsure approximately the criminal courting among you and the opposite party, please ask earlier than the shift takes place. Refer to for extra facts on classification.

Who is responsible for paying income taxes?

Individuals are liable for paying their very own earnings taxes, however that can rely on the felony dating among the Individual and Business. Individuals can be capable of declaring deductions for his or her expenses. This must be investigated the usage of a tax specialist.

Can a Business offer an Individual a job outside of the platform?

Absolutely. Both events might also additionally select to interact with each other but they prefer in the course of and after the primary shift executed the use of BaristaFinder marketplace. BaristaFinder is utilized by Individuals as an enterprise precise model of LinkedIn. 

Do I need an ABN?

If you're doing a shift as a contractor, you may require an ABN and want to claim these profits on your tax return. More information, such as a way to follow for an ABN, may be determined here.

Our app is in final stage of development

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