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Efficient Barista’s Workflow Will Bring Greater Productivity To Your Coffee Shop

Efficiency for coffee shop is the way to maximize your barista capacities to complete at a standard of coffee making and spend at minimum resources, such as effort, time and cost. 


Meanwhile, the output resulted from your efficient barista input can be called productivity. For example, at your coffee shop, if you can reduce a certain amount of time to serve a cup of espresso to customer order, you will improve overall service for your business. 


Also, barista workflow is crucial to make your coffee shop full of enthusiastic baristas and happy customers. When you put every important thing in place, it helps your coffee shop to serve a cup of joe with a premium standard for your potential loyal customers.


3 Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Coffee Shop Standards 


Making Sure Everything in Place


There are a lot of things your barista need to do besides making coffee. As the shop owner, you need to make sure everything works smoothly. First, think of how customers will walk through, queue, order and leave. Then, try to adjust to the process easier if it is not yet. 


Before opening the shop, everything needs to be well-prepared. Checking the stocks if they are sufficient to serve customers for today or not, such as coffee beans, kinds of milk, plastic packages and so on. Then, check if all tables are cleaned. Make sure to do it in less time from day to day to make it more efficient. 




At the register position, you should prepare a barista to greet customers before ordering. The order should be correct and right in the queue as well.


Next, another barista needs to do the grinding, tamping, steaming and pulling shots. After that, the barista also has to clean up the equipment. In a smaller coffee shop, the barista in the register position can help bring spoons, clear tables, and many other front tasks. 




Mapping out how your coffee shop is going run will be partly effective for your barista’s productivity. First, you have to make sure the coffee machines, freezers, and sinks are placed within arm’s reach for the barista. By doing that, the barista can grind and pull a cup of espresso and mix the milk quickly. 


Once every piece of equipment is nearby, it will reduce the chance of falling incidents because the barista does not have to carry the cups, jugs or bottles from afar. Also, cleaning will be at ease.  


Lastly, making the customers come into your coffee shop nonstop is about how you can make them feel happy with the product, service, and experience. That is why you, the coffee shop owner, have to ensure that your coffee shop is efficient enough to serve your customer’s urgent need. Plus, it’s must to offer good-to-best coffee and food, friendly services and a unique vibe to your customers.


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