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Basic Understanding of Filter Roast And Espresso Roast

When picking a coffee roast profile, there are numerous factors to consider. Is a light, medium, or dark roast your preference? No doubt that it depends on which roasting types you prefer, either filter or espresso roast. Here are major reasons behind the uniqueness of filter roast dark roast.


Why Should Filter and Espresso Roasts Be Differentiated?


The brewing procedures for espresso and filter coffee are different. Espresso roast is made by forcing it hot and pressurizing water via the compacted coffee. Normally, we use well-grounded coffee and high-temperature water to allow the coffee’s components to extract as rapidly as possible.


It takes a longer period to extract for filter coffee as we use a coarse grind and lower water temperature. Instead of using force to make, the compounds of coffee can absorb lots of water consistently both time and pressure. Meanwhile, the result from filter coffee has lower acidity and less body compared to espresso, although they are made from the same beans. 


What is The Best Way To Roast For Various Brewing Methods?


It will be under-extraction if light roasting espresso as the taste becomes sour; therefore, people believe espresso should be roasted darker to ensure the beans are soluble. However, it is not always dark roasted as there are different roasting techniques to make the beans more soluble. 


Different from espresso, filter roasts take a shorter time of development as it is more dynamic. And this method can preserve its original flavour as the final product. 


Filter Roast


Filter coffee emphasizes coffee’s distinctive flavour experience. Hence roasting for filter should be done carefully to preserve its unique attribute. As a rule of thumb, when you put the beans in the roasting process for a longer period, they will have more body; however, it is at the expense of acidity and fruitiness. 


Generally speaking, the longer coffee has been put in the development stage, the sweeter it has become. If you wish to have a sense of fruity flavour, it is suggested to roast in a shorter development stage. For instance, to get a more chocolate flavour, you can keep it a little longer to achieve its level of taste.


According to the coffee shop owner, the goal of the filter roast is to balance between acidity and sweetness to create a tolerable body like a complex flavour profile with a distinct beginning, middle, and end.


Espresso Roast


Espresso roast must be soluble in comparison to filter roast. To further break down the bean and its chemical combination, a lengthier roast is required. As long as the sweetness is prominent, it is well-functioned when brewing as an espresso, which triggers the acidity of coffee to round out the finished result. 


The extension of development duration makes coffee of higher quality yet conveniently extracting in quick time. This way is easy to notice its roasting features so that you can be satisfied with its pleasantly bitter and extracted espresso.

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